The church is not a building, we are a family of families.

The church is not a building, we are a family of families.

Vision and Values

Our Mission

Noble City Church exists to restore nobility to marginalized people worldwide by offering an abundant life in Christ, a place to belong, and a mission worth our lives. 

Our vision

Our vision is to plant a multiethnic, urban network of churches through a focused geographical strategy that seeks to empower the marginalized and multiply churches worldwide. We want to saturate York City with local church communities. We want a church within walking distance of every resident. The network of churches will practice hospitality, discipleship, and mission within their communities. They will join together for collective worship and training as a citywide network of churches.

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What values guide the journey?

  • Prayerful Dependence

  • Neighborly Vulnerability

  • Radical Hospitality

  • Gospel Power

  • Empathetic Diversity

  • Holistic Spiritual Formation

  • Church Based Leadership Development

  • Neighbors and Neighborhoods

  • City Centers

  • Global Partnerships

  • Sacrificial Generosity

How will we get there? 

  • Preaching the Gospel

  • Planting Churches

  • Equipping Christians and Christian Households

  • Training Leaders

  • Engaging the City with Love and Good Deeds


Noble City is a Southern Baptist Church and affirms the Baptist Faith and Message.