The vision at Noble City is to become a strong church that seeks the welfare of the city. Strong churches are led by well-equipped leaders who shepherd all into the abundant life that is only possible through Jesus Christ. 

The church is God’s family. She was bought with a price and is led by the Risen Christ, who in all His glorious might is seeking to bring the gospel to every nation through the ministry of churches worldwide. There is no more noble task than that of leadership in the local church. Leadership is about service and shepherding. Ultimately leaders equip and empower people to utilize their giftedness for the benefit of all.

The local elders are responsible for the ongoing nurture and mission of the church, whereby the lifestyle of the community of God becomes attractive to a watching world. We are here to prepare the people to respond well to inquiry. The local leaders are qualified men and women of character.

The vision of Noble City Church is to empower local leaders to lead the church. This can only be fulfilled when our leadership team is a diverse representation of the population of York City. Until there is representation from the Latino and African American communities on the Board of Elders, our vision for the church is left unfulfilled. 


ben Murray - pastor

Ben and Bekah planted Noble City in their home in 2014. What began as a single house church has grown by God's grace into an emerging network of five house churches. Ben is passionate about the progress of the gospel and working with marginalized communities to build healthy churches that endure so that they can be a blessing to the whole city. Ben and Bekah live in the Avenues with their three children. 

Dr. matt Lynskey - Resident Theologian

Matt and Sukey joined Noble City in August of 2015. With senior pastor experience and international missionary work under their belts, the Lynskeys are a huge encouragement and help. Matt and Ben have been friends and coworkers in the gospel for over 15 years, dreaming of one day working together. Matt also serves on the faculty of Lancaster Bible College as the Director of the Pastoral Ministries program. He has five children and lives in the south side of York City. 



Dr. Ed Foster - Elder

Ed and Traci joined Noble City in early 2015. Ed is a doctor of internal medicine and a graduate of Wheaton College. He is an effective teacher and a seasoned youth worker. With kids out of the house (sort of), he is the eldest elder, someone whom the young bucks are grateful to have on the team. Over 15 years ago, Traci started Logos Academy and was once Ben's boss. Ed and Traci are dearly loved and honored team members. They have two adult children and live in the York Hospital area. 

Steve Lundy - Elder

In October 2015, Steve and Joanna took a huge risk and moved to York City. When they moved, Joanna was only a few weeks away from giving birth to their third child. Their move of faith to join this work helped to build our faith. Steve is an experienced elder and works at Lutron Electronics as a software engineering manager. He helps create collaborative environments and is incredible at getting teams to maximize their effectiveness. Steve and Joanna live in the Springdale neighborhood in York City with their four children.



Bryan Platania - Elder

Bryan and Pamela have been with Noble City from the beginning, taking a leap and partnering with Ben and Bekah to plant the church. Bryan is a graduate of Lancaster Bible College and a seasoned leader in the church. He is a gifted communicator. Bryan serves as the Director of Facilities at Logos Academy in the heart of York City. The Platanias live in the Avenues with their two children. 

Elders and leading women gathering monthly to shepherd the church. 

Elders and leading women gathering monthly to shepherd the church.