Plan Your Visit

Our service begins at 10:00am with coffee and tea.

We are located on a the busy corner of Newberry and West Philadelphia Streets in downtown York.

You can find parking on the street or in the lot directly behind the church building. There are Noble City Church signs in front of the door on West Philadelphia Street where you enter our space.


Noble City launches services January 2018

Noble City launches services January 2018


We sing a diverse selection of musical genres. There are no pews and we gather around tables. The service is interactive. You will be invited to pray together and, during the teaching, there are opportunities for discussion and questions. 

Childcare is provided directly following the singing. Our volunteers have the necessary clearances required by the state. Families are encouraged to sit with their children throughout the service. We encourage children five and up to bring Bibles, follow along, and take notes during the teaching.

The service lasts from 10:00am to 12:00pm. Leaders are always available to answer questions, listen, and pray. 

We are an evangelical church who holds to orthodox Christian teachings. We preach directly from the Scriptures and desire to make the name of Jesus known in our city.